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5 Things Your Yoga Teacher Should Know About You

Besides the obvious info such as your level of experience with yoga, health history, and past injuries, your yoga teacher should know 5 key things before you begin a regular yoga practice.  Why is this important to your practice? Benefits to the student:      Efficiency, performance, and safety: The Gurugrid was designed to help you improve your poses, maximize the benefits from each class, and most importantly, provide you with a guide within which you can perform your poses safely. The lines and numbers on the mat make it simple to determine these measurements, specific to your body. Once you have this information, finding the contact points on the mat is easily done and after a few classes becomes automatic. Benefits...

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Do you Practise Mirror Image Yoga?

I see you are interested....allow me to explain further. Mirror image yoga is the practice of performing your yoga poses identically on both the right and left sides. Now, none of us has a perfectly symmetrical body. We all have one hip or shoulder that is tighter than the other, right? Mirror image yoga can help you in three ways: 1) Identify imbalances 2) Correct imbalances 3) Prevent imbalances from getting worse The Gurugrid was invented with, precisely, this issue in mind.  Identify imbalances Imagine your Warrior pose. Does one side feel easier, stronger, or looser to you? It is not always easy to tell. When we designed the Gurugrid. we had this exact problem in mind. The only way...

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Why Symmetry is Important for Goddess Pose

Aesthetically, Goddess is one of my favourite poses.              Physically, I love it because it offers us the opportunity to work on leg strength, hip flexibility, and balance. Goddess works every muscle in the legs and stretches most of the hip muscles. But what I love most about it is the symmetry. By creating a perfectly symmetrical frame for this pose, we can see and feel imbalances in our hips, shoulders, back, and torso. One of the main reasons for the Gurugrid is to provide you with this symmetrical framework. By placing your feet in mirror image and using the midpoint to centre your torso, any imbalances in your body become immediately evident. Once you have...

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3 Ways the Gurugrid Improves Your Balance

Finding equilibrium in yoga can be highly challenging. Some poses ask a lot from us in terms of strength, flexibility, and concentration.  Here are 3 ways the Gurugrid can help you achieve serene balance where you previously only found frustrating wobbles.    1 - DRISHTIS Drishti is simply directing your gaze to a specific point in a slightly unfocused way. This method helps to keep your eyes from wandering and from focussing too sharply on one point, ultimately helping you direct your focus inward and on your pose.  The Gurugrid presents you with lots of focal points, depending on what pose you are doing. You can look directly on your mat at one of the lotus flowers or you can look at one of...

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