Prototype. The final product will have
embossing and the colours will vary.

Which mat is right for you?


For hot and hardcore yoga!


Our Premium mats are made of recycled Natural Rubber and Polyurethane. They feature an extra-grippy surface for extreme poses. These mats are also excellent for hot yoga - no need for a towel. 




For beginner yogis, gentle yoga (Yin Yoga), meditation, and stretching 


Our Deluxe mats are made from super cushy TPE and are optimal for beginners, people with sensitive joints, and older yogis.  They offer the perfect degree of grippiness as well as cushioning (great for Yin yoga and meditation). They are also very lightweight and easy to carry around and pack away for travel. 



For most types of yoga, gym workouts, and stretching


Our Standard mats are made of 6P-free PVC. They are the mats you have known and loved for years. They have a great grip - that gets better as you break it in and they are cushy and lightweight. The subtle gray and butter yellow colours are ideal for the Zen, earthy yogi.