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Do you Practise Mirror Image Yoga?

I see you are interested....allow me to explain further.

Mirror image yoga is the practice of performing your yoga poses identically on both the right and left sides.

Now, none of us has a perfectly symmetrical body. We all have one hip or shoulder that is tighter than the other, right?

Mirror image yoga can help you in three ways:

1) Identify imbalances

2) Correct imbalances

3) Prevent imbalances from getting worse

The Gurugrid was invented with, precisely, this issue in mind. 

Identify imbalances

Imagine your Warrior pose. Does one side feel easier, stronger, or looser to you? It is not always easy to tell. When we designed the Gurugrid. we had this exact problem in mind. The only way to discover the extent of these imbalances is to place your feet in the exact same position on the mat for each side of your pose. The Gurugrid has a symmetrical number system that makes this easy.

Correct Imbalances

Still using the Warrior example, now that you know which side needs more attention and your heels are placed at....let's say, the 4s, you can start to work towards mirror imaging your pose. Over time, this will become intuitive and immediate.

Prevent imbalances from getting worse

Often, over time, when we repeatedly perform yoga poses incorrectly, we can both create imbalances and make them even worse. Yoga related injuries have skyrocketed in recent years. Just because yoga is seen as a gentle activity, doesn't mean it can be performed without the proper knowledge and preparation. Investing in proper yoga form and alignment will do your body good now, and in the years to come.



12 Poses Requiring Mirror Imaging 

 Warrior                                              &                         Triangle


Pyramid                                              &                         Spinal Twist


Splits                                                  &                         Side Plank


Lizard                                                  &                         Side Split


Cow Face                                            &                         Janusirsasana



Thread the Needle                              &                         Hanumanasana



When I created the Gurugrid, it started off as a way to help me align my feet in poses like Warrior. As it developed, I discovered how incredibly useful it is for no just alignment, but safety. It is my sincere hope that every yogi & yogini can experience the same evolution of their yoga practice that I have.

Love & Namaste,


Heather :)

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