Prototype. The final product will have
embossing and the colours will vary.

How to care for your mat

Cleaning: Mix 250 ml of water + 1 tbsp. of vinegar + 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (or another antibacterial oil) in a spritz bottle.

Spray and gently wipe (front and back) with a face cloth or Gurugrid cleaning mitt before and after each yoga session. 

This may seem cumbersome, but it will soon become routine and you will be amazed at how much dirt your mat can accumulate in a short time - especially the back that lays on the floor.

Drying: Let your Gurugrid dry for several hours by hanging over a banister or a door. Roll up and store.

Storage: Please keep your Gurugrid out of the sun and extreme heat, like in a hot car. 

Durability: The Gurugrids are durable mats, but nothing is indestructible. Please treat your mat with care.