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Prototype. The final product will have
embossing and the colours will vary.


Gurugrid Yoga Classes






Mission statement: Everything about the Gurugrid is designed to help correct common mistakes and improve alignment, strength, flexibility, stability, balance, confidence, visual & mental focus, energy, and most importantly, safety. 

- for any height, level, and age -





 Designed for yoga, the Gurugrid is also an excellent tool for Pilates, physiotherapy and rehab, gymnastics, martial arts, weight training, stretching, and meditation.   

The next step in the evolution of yoga.

A Canadian company. 

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Available in Japan! 日本初上陸! Japan Video/ビデオ

Privacy policy: Gurugrid does not sell any personal information to other companies. We require some information for shipping and billing purposes but will never sell, give away, or share customer lists or information. All reasonable efforts are made to protect credit card information while it is being processed.
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