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Little Things Helping Me During Quarantine

I know a lot of people are facing some major issues right now, but I want to share a few little things that are helping me stay sane. Some of them are new to me and some are things I have been doing for years. 

Just an FYI, I've included a few of our products as well as those of other companies I really use and sincerely love. Just a gentle reminder that behind every small business are real people with bills to pay and families to feed. Please feel free to support us or simply have empathy when you see us posting ads or promotions right now.

Please do share any tips, idea, or comments below or in our Facebook comment section. 

1) Yoga - obvious. Even doing 5 or 10 minutes a day is helpful. My go-to online classes are: 30 Minute Hot Yoga Class (you can do it without heat) - it's a condensed classic Bikram series, Jivamukti for Busy People, MyYogaVirtual, and YogiApproved, and My Yoga. On a Gurugrid, of course. ;) 

2) Meditation. Like the yoga, it can be a shortie. Just 5 minutes can help. There are so many ways to do it - but just being quiet and still for a few minutes counts.

3) Listening to Binaural Beats. I don't know how it works, but it really helps reduce my anxiety.

4) Listening to Sound Healing. Roxie Sound Healing is otherworldly.

5) Using Malas for breathing meditations or just helping to be aware of my breath is a new one. (Thanks, Jill) Did you know every Mala is 108 beads? I thought they were just necklaces. More info here

6) I'm spending much more time in my Rose Buddha leggings & leg warmers - they are beautiful, comfortable, made from recycled material, and Canadian.

7) I have been a big Graydon Skincare junkie for years. The products are all bio, made in Canada and the quality is exceptional! This definitely counts as "little luxuries".

8) Aromatherapy is a simple and inexpensive way to help our moods. It won't solve the big problems, but every little bit helps. Burning Palo Santo has a very calming effect and the smell is incredible. *Ethically sourced from fallen trees.

9) I use my Gurugrid Meditation Mist every time I do my meditation. It's hard to describe how it smells in words, but they are all magical. *Organic, small batches, made in Canada.

10) I just discovered Wim Hof. (Thanks, Noreen.) So far, I've done a few short breathing exercises. It has really altered my state of consciousness. I can't wait to learn more. There is a free app and lots of YouTube videos.

What are you doing to maintain your physical and mental health?

H:) xo

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