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The 11 Components of a Yoga Pose

I don't want to freak you out, but a yoga pose is way more complex than you think.

There are 11 components or systems at work in each yoga pose.

I freaked you out, didn't I?

Not to worry - you don’t need to be actively working on, or thinking of all 11. If you work on performing your pose to the best of your ability and avoid incorrect positioning, posture, and alignment, the rest will come naturally.

This is one of the main reasons I invented the Gurugrid. If we reduce the time spent on the most easily corrected (12th) component – placement on the mat, we will have more time and energy to dedicate to the 11 other, more important parts of the pose. So…in no particular order, here are they are:

  • Muscular system – strengthens, flexibility, and endurance of the muscles (also works tendons, ligaments, and fascia)
  • Skeletal system -  improves skeletal alignment and bone density
  • Circulatory system – works the heart muscle and blood circulation
  • Nervous system – affects the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
  • Digestive system - assists in cleansing and stimulating the entire system
  • Respiratory system – works depth, volume, restriction, retention of breath
  • Endocrine system - stimulates our glands
  • Cognitive – challenges and improves our concentration
  • Stability - our ability to maintain balance in different positions is challenged
  • Emotional – the poses reveal emotions like fear, euphoria, and frustration
  • Energetic – each pose invites its own unique energy. All we need to do is open our minds to this idea and let the energy flow and do its thing. 

With all these things going on each time we do a pose, why is it we spend 50% of our time focussing on and adjusting where we are placed on our mats?

This is the reason you really do need a Gurugrid. And…as luck would have it, you can buy one right here on our website! How convenient!

In all seriousness, the Gurugrid is a great tool to help you free up those precious seconds of each pose so you can get be open to accepting the wonderful benefits from all 11 elements.

H:) xo 

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