Prototype. The final product will have
embossing and the colours will vary.


Laetitia - Hot Yoga Teacher - Saint-Sauveur, QC 

"These mats are perfect for Hot Yoga. I no longer use Hot Yoga towels at all. I perform my postures directly on my Gurugrid mat. It's so much more practical!" 

"Je n'utilise plus du tout de serviettes de Hot Yoga. J'exécute mes postures directement sur mon tapis Gurugrid. C'est tellement plus pratique!!"

Yoga Chaud Saint Sauveur:



Merriam - Yogini - Nova Scotia

"I use the Gurugrid for more than yoga. I use it for HIIT, yoga, and Pilates. I also love that it is a Canadian brand!



Natalie - Yoga Teacher - Sudbury, ON

"This is the yoga mat I use in the studio when I teach. I've not gone back to another mat since I received my Gurugrid!"



Graydon - Yoga Teacher & Founder of Graydon Skincare - Toronto, ON

"I love my Gurugrid mat not just because it looks awesome in my practice space but it subconsciously helps my alignment and balance without even the need for a teacher to correct me!"



Christine Noonan - Co-Creator, Liberty Life Yoga

"Gurugrid is changing - for the better - the way that yogis look at alignment. Gurugrid helps you to find your alignment with ease, with both simple poses and more complex ones. My own practice has been enhanced with this mat, and I love using it with students. They seem to have an "ah-ha" moment on the mat where they finally understand how to place their bodies within each pose."



Pallvi Sharma - Instagram Influencer @twistedgalpal

"The Gurugrid really helps with warrior series and inversions where Drishti can be maintained for balance."

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