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Nyasha Griffith - Jamaica

I have been a "Gurugal" for over 3 years and I can honestly say this mat has been invaluable in my practice. I can not only ensure optimal alignment but can also monitor how my practice has evolved over time.

I've been using my yoga mat pretty much every day since I got it! The texture is so nice and cushy and supportive. The spots and lines are really helping me master my alignment.
- Elizabeth, USA
 "Using the gurugrid mat I have confirmed that all the poses I thought I was doing correctly, I wasn't😊. The gurugrid mat has got me back in line with proper form and alignment."
- Bill, Hawaii, USA

Dagmar Beatie - Yoga Teacher - Australia

"Gurugrid has proven to be an invaluable yoga mat especially for beginner yoga and Pilates students. The grid allows you to have a complete understanding of your alignment and spatial awareness. Personally I love the thickness, the grip, the support, and the comfort in your spine and the feel of the mat. I’d highly recommend the yoga mat for Pilates and yoga for all ages. My children are Eight years old and 10 years old and they both love practising their yoga moves and gymnastic moves on the Gurugrid. The light weight makes it easy to travel in and out of studios very easily cleaned with just a light spray and a quick wipe and you’re ready to go."
Thank you Gurugrid for making such a wonderful yoga mat.


Maria Cristina - Yogini & Instagram Influencer - Philippines

"I love my Gurugrid - especially for Camel Pose, and Forearm and Chinstand Poses. No pain and no abrasions on my knees, elbows, and chin."

Maggie Thomas - Yoga Teacher & YTT Facilitator  - Sudbury, ON, Canada

"When I roll out my Gurugrid yoga mat, I instantly smile.  A feeling of confidence and support washes over me as I settle onto my mat. The grid system sets the foundation of my body alignment so I can focus my attention inward, fully experiencing the essence of each posture.  The material, weight and thickness of this yoga mat fully supports me in any style of yoga class.  I currently have 2 of the Premium Eco-friendly rubber & PU and I highly recommend this yoga mat to my students regularly."


Markeda Brewer - Yoga Teacher - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"Gurugrid has been my guide in my Asana Practice. I take my mat everywhere with me. Everywhere means, hiking, yoga class, on trips, to the desert, the park, etc. It’s so comfortable and supportive for my mind and body. Falling asleep during Savasana is expected EVERY TIME!" 

Yuko Yawata - Yoga Teacher, Dancer, Bellyfit Instructor - Kanagawa, Japan


"I can always check my alignment, perfectly."


Derdine Brown - Yoga Teacher - Orlando, Florida, USA

"I've had this mat for ten months now and out of 8 mats - I use this the most for its grip and durability!"

Kristen Bentley - Life Coach, Canada

"I am finally (after years,) consistently doing a daily yoga practice and I am SO grateful for this mat. The markings make alignment so easy! In addition, there is special, healing energy that I feel when I step on the Gurugrid that I don't get with other yoga mats."
Whole-Life Leadership

Laetitia - Hot Yoga Teacher - Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada 

"These mats are perfect for Hot Yoga. I no longer use Hot Yoga towels at all. I perform my postures directly on my Gurugrid mat. It's so much more practical!" 

"Je n'utilise plus du tout de serviettes de Hot Yoga. J'exécute mes postures directement sur mon tapis Gurugrid. C'est tellement plus pratique!!"

Yoga Chaud Saint Sauveur 


Merriam - Yogini - Nova Scotia, Canada

"I use the Gurugrid for more than yoga. I use it for HIIT, yoga, and Pilates. I also love that it is a Canadian brand! 


Natalie - Yoga Teacher - Sudbury, ON, Canada

"This is the yoga mat I use in the studio when I teach. I've not gone back to another mat since I received my Gurugrid!" 


Graydon - Yoga Teacher & Founder of Graydon Skincare - Toronto, ON, Canada

"I love my Gurugrid mat not just because it looks awesome in my practice space but it subconsciously helps my alignment and balance without even the need for a teacher to correct me!" 


Christine Noonan - Co-Creator, Liberty Life Yoga, Canada

"Gurugrid is changing - for the better - the way that yogis look at alignment. Gurugrid helps you to find your alignment with ease, with both simple poses and more complex ones. My own practice has been enhanced with this mat, and I love using it with students. They seem to have an "ah-ha" moment on the mat where they finally understand how to place their bodies within each pose."


Pallvi Sharma - Instagram Influencer @twistedgalpal

"The Gurugrid really helps with warrior series and inversions where Drishti can be maintained for balance."


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