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Negative Energy is Like a Fart

Hanging onto negative energy is like holding in a fart. It causes a lot of internal discomfort and sometimes makes it hard to focus on more important, every day matters.

If you unleash it around other people, it creates an unpleasant environment for them. If you let it go alone, no damage is done to others. Let’s be honest, the smell of your own fart is not nearly as offensive as the smell of someone else’s. Once it is released, you feel relieved and back to your normal self – you can get on with the rest of your day. It hangs around for a minute or so, but then innocuously disperses, offending no one. But, imagine if you let it out, but didn’t let it dissipate. Instead, you trapped it and carried around with you indefinitely.  Who would want to live in a giant fart cloud for the rest of their lives?

Also, do you ever notice that when you ingest something that doesn’t agree with you, it creates all sorts of pressure and pain inside of you? And when you let it out, it smells even worse than usual. (Think of the horrible farts after a night of heavy drinking.) It might be a good idea to find out what causes this toxicity within you and avoid ingesting it in the first place.

Usually we can control when we release it and find the appropriate place and time to do so. But…every now and then, it’s beyond our control and it sneaks out anyway. The guilt! The shame! The embarrassment!

Then there are some people with special “issues” who have no control over when and where they let it out. You know who they (or you....or we are). Sometimes, I don’t think they ( too...sometimes) even realize how much they are polluting the environs.

The next time you need to unburden yourself of this energy, think of the advantages of doing it in private and let it naturally and harmlessly diffuse into the universe. And for God’s sake, please think twice before releasing it in someone else’s face!

Credit: Charlie, 5 years old

Photo credit: Charlie, 5 years old


  • Terry (aunty)

    Loved your blog! Well written and fun!

  • Rebeca

    Ha!!! Words of wisdom!! My sisters nick named me the farting queen!! Allergies….Great post!! ??

  • Celia

    I howled at the title…but man oh man the analogy makes sense! thank you so much yogaboss! xoxoxo

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