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Meditation Follow Up

I’ve been doing the 7-minute mediation for a few weeks and it is really starting to have a positive and tangible effect. I even had ecouraging feedback from friends who have tried it themselves. (Thanks, Stan!) Sharing is caring. 😊

The mantra of “inhale the best of me - exhale the worst of me” is more powerful that I had originally thought. Repeating these two opposing ideas, for 7 minutes, seems to reinforce the distinction between them in a general, but visceral way. They seem to diverge and grow in opposite directions, making it easier for the body to feel the difference between the two.

This quiet, uninterrupted 7 minutes gives me the opportunity to better feel and be in touch with these energies. The visual of the best growing or igniting from within me is a great feeling. As is the feeling of gently letting the worst go.

I started doing shorties (4 or 5 breathes) during the day, for just a few moments, and it actually improves my mood to some degree.

So, on with my point….. I don’t know about you, but I find that as I am getting older, I have a hard time with booze. Those of you who know me, know that I do enjoy a glass or twoooo….. of vino. These days, even one drink interrupts my sleep and has a depressive effect on me. Why must life be filled with such hard decisions? ☹

We had a bottle of wine last night, and this morning, I woke up feeling noticeably down. So, I thought that I would try the meditation before getting out of bed. I was surprised to notice how hard it was to access the best feeling and the worst feeling was clinging to me.  It was hard to ignite the best and I couldn’t feel it growing like I usually do. Hm... Alcohol is a depressant? Who knew? We all did, but it was interesting to actually feel that depressed or worst feeling so directly related to having wine the night before.

Just some food (or wine) for thought. God, I am hilarious!


P.S. I didn’t plan it this way (the 7 minutes just seemed like a doable length for me), but the 8-minute Weightless by Marconi Union synchs up perfectly! And…apparently, there is an extended 15-minute version, too! (Thanks, Deedles!)


  • Heather McLeod

    Hi Noreen,

    Thanks for this comment. You would be surprised at how many people have reached out to tell me that they are having issues with wine, to varying degrees. It seems that there are a lot of us in the same boat.


  • Noreen Balfe

    I’ve been having the same issues with wine too. I’ve cut back and feel much better! Interesting you had the same experience! My yoga and mindfulness meditation practices and prayer make me truly joyful.

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