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Breathing is an integral and often overlooked part of yoga.

Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Ujjaya, Lion’s Breath, and Breath of Fire each have their own purpose and benefits.

I would like to share with you, my experience and thoughts on Ujjaya breathing.

Ujjaya breathing is the technique most commonly used throughout the entire yoga class. The inhale and exhale (usually to a count of 5) guide the duration and rhythm of each asana and the transitions in between.

It lasts throughout the entire class and it is very easy to lose track of.

However, if you pay attention to it, Ujjaya breathing has the ability to connect you with transformational energy within you and around you.

Remember that yoga is thousands of years old and there is a reason it has endured for so long. Each pose comes with its own unique energy and magic.

By inhaling, we invite the transformational and positive energy of each pose and by exhaling, we allow that same energy to carry away the corresponding negative and harmful energy.

What specific benefits and magic do we receive? Well….the answer is…our conscious mind does not know. And that energy is unique to what each individual yogi needs at that moment. So, rather than trying to understand what exactly you are receiving and letting go, just trust that the infinite wisdom of the universe and yoga know what to do. All you need to do is set your intention and reinforce that intention each time you breathe.

You will also notice that your poses will benefit from this intention. Each yoga pose is more than the physical position of your body. Each pose has its own energy and by performing that pose to the best of your ability, you will, along with your breath, create the perfect conditions to receive and release the energy that is most beneficial to you.

Magic does exist in this life. Go ahead and tap into it. It’s yours for the taking.

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