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3 Ways the Gurugrid Improves Your Balance

Finding equilibrium in yoga can be highly challenging. Some poses ask a lot from us in terms of strength, flexibility, and concentration. 

Here are 3 ways the Gurugrid can help you achieve serene balance where you previously only found frustrating wobbles. 



Drishti is simply directing your gaze to a specific point in a slightly unfocused way. This method helps to keep your eyes from wandering and from focussing too sharply on one point, ultimately helping you direct your focus inward and on your pose. 

The Gurugrid presents you with lots of focal points, depending on what pose you are doing. You can look directly on your mat at one of the lotus flowers or you can look at one of the circles in the mirror.  Many points, many options. 



Playing with the angle of your hands and/or feet can affect your entire alignment and balance. For example, by simply aligning the centre, outside or inside edge of your foot, you can completely change the quality of your balance in single-leg poses.

Play with the position to find out which placement works best for your particular physiology. 



This is one of the more esoteric elements of the Gurugrid, but it actually works. If you think of the circles as tiny portals, you will feel your connection to the earth strengthened and you will immediately feel greater stability. I am sure you have heard your teacher use the visual of imagining roots growing from your body into the earth, right? Visualizing the circles as holes to plug in your hands or feet is an extension and clarification of this idea. I find the idea of "plugging in" in my heels especially effective.

Try out one, or all of these techniques, the next time you are balancing on your Gurugrid. 

Heather :) xo



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